Stephanie McCluney“I’ve gone through the Comprehensive Certification. This was my second comprehensive program and fourth mat program.  CPE was by far the most in-depth and well-rounded program I have been through.  The focus on how to effectively teach is something I did not get from my other certifications. Everything from safety, to modifications, progressions, and special cases were wonderful.  I really loved the emphasis on staying true to the classical method yet giving us the framework to be creative within the method.” – Stephanie McCluney


Colleen Gramlich“I am currently participating in the Comprehensive Pilates Certification, right now focusing on the intermediate system.  So far, my experience has been fantastic; the program is very thorough and the Teacher Trainers are very knowledgeable and supportive.  I fell in love with Pilates and want to share it with everyone.  Everything I’m learning in the CPE course is truly valuable.  I look forward to helping others enrich their lives by helping them look and feel better, be more confident, be healthier, grow stronger, etc!” –Colleen G.


Alison Sig“The best part of the program was knowing I was getting the best education in Pilates available.  There was tons of support from the Teacher Trainers as well as Stefanie Ellis.  They were extremely knowledgeable and always available to answer a question!  It was very convenient to be able to practice and observe in three different studio locations.

The other students in my group were great.  We studied and practiced together and motivated each other to succeed.  We continue to communicate and network within our group.  After completing the program I feel prepared to confidently teach Pilates and work with clients of many different body types and needs.  Studio owners that I have worked for are happy with my performance and the feedback from clients is the best reward of all!” -Alison S.


Coco P“I wanted to get certified because my very first instructor, Lauren Small (a Teacher Trainer with Classical Pilates Education) inspired me to pursue it. Above and beyond the Pilates education, I gained self confidence through the CPE training.  I learned that work doesn’t have to feel like work.  It feels like it can be fun and fulfilling. From the moment you go out there, you must learn how to communicate effectively with your clients.  It’s the real life experience teaching and training and the great interaction one must have in order to be an exceptional instructor. I want to be an exceptional instructor. CPE will make me an exceptional instructor.”–Cocolah P.


“As a physical therapist and personal fitness enthusiast, I have studied and tried a variety of exercise concepts over the years. Few have captured and retained my attention as much as Pilates. My introduction came by way of an effort to investigate this particular brand of exercise that I had heard of, but knew relatively little about, and simply wanted to try out of curiosity. From the first class, I was able to realize and appreciate the benefit potentials Pilates offers. I have been compelled by the results I feel in my own body to not only continue training, but to learn more about the exercise system so that I might be able to intelligently incorporate more Pilates based exercises as a compliment to my professional practice as well.  I have been impressed by the fact that Pilates, and Classical Pilates Education (CPE) in particular, incorporates into the program a review of anatomy and proper biomechanics to promote safe and appropriate instruction for optimal effectiveness which is near and dear to me as a rehab specialist. I am currently enrolled in the CPE comprehensive program. I chose CPE based upon my five years of experience working out at Pilates of Boca and knowing first hand that the instructors offer an incredible amount of knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and commitment to preserving the original intentions of the classical system. I enjoy the program, and look forward to more Pilates with CPE!” -Amy Scarlett